Thank you very much for.comping at qunnit. If there are any quality problems with our products, please call us to communicate with customer service, we will handle it with the most positive attitude.
1.There are product quality problems within 7 days, unconditional replacement.
2. The product is damaged and fully assisted in handling.
3. Without unpacking, the goods can be returned.


1.If the product quality problem is caused within 7 days, instead of human factors, please ensure that the packaging is complete, and the corresponding information of the problem product is given to the customer service, we will unconditionally exchange the goods for you.
2. If the product is damaged due to human error, the freight will be borne by the user and we will actively assist in the processing.
3. If the goods are not unpacked and returned, the freight will be borne by the user.
4. If the product is unpacked, no quality problems will be returned, the freight will be borne by the user, and the 15% handling fee will be deducted.
5. The final interpretation right belongs to the platform.